Apple, the biggest name in the tech industry has manufactured some excellent products since its inception.

While we all are aware of the Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods, not many are aware of the fact that Apple has manufactured routers as well, which are known by the name of ‘AirPort’.

However, the AirPort has been into the market since 1999, when Wi-Fi was in its infancy. With the advancement in the Wi-Fi technology, AirPort also got the necessary changes in order to provide better wireless connectivity to the users.

Despite the discontinuation of the ‘AirPort’ brand, Apple continues to provide support to its users.

Apple is the only brand to have $1 Trillion market cap is known for safeguarding the interests of its users, which in this case is done by assuring them of the repairs and parts replacements of AirPort products for next 5 years.

AirPort Models:

  1. AirPort Base Station.
  2. AirPort Express.
  3. AirPort Extreme.
  4. AirPort Time Capsule.

How to Setup AirPort Express Base Station?

Apple AirPort Express Base Station is a unique device with which you can share a wide range of devices such as printers, speakers wirelessly with a single computer.

AirPort Express gives you the freedom to connect speakers in every room of your house to a single iTunes library in order to create a long-awaited wireless home music network. Moreover, AirPort Express can be used to carry out a host of other tasks as well.

To make AirPort Express work, you need to plug it into an electrical outlet in the room you want to use it in and then, install AirPort Utility software on your computer.

A CD comes along with the device through which you can install the software. If you don’t have the CD, then download the software from the Apple website.

  1. After installing AirPort Utility, launch the program.
  2. Upon the launch, you will see a new base station listed on the left side, so you need to check whether it is highlighted or not. If it is, then click ‘Continue’.
  3. Give a name to your AirPort Express, which can be anything of your choice.
  4. Click ‘Continue’.

Select Connection Type

  1. You are now prompted as to whether you want to connect the device to an existing network or a new one or connect via Ethernet.
  2. If you have a network to connect to, then click ‘Continue’.
  3. You are going to see a list of available wireless networks in your area, so select your network and click ‘Continue’.
  4. When the settings you’ve changed are saved, AirPort Express will restart.
  5. Upon the restart, AirPort Express is going to appear in the AirPort Utility window with the name that you have given earlier. It is now available for use.

How To Configure AirPort Extreme Base Station?

AirPort Extreme is an ideal device when you are looking to set up a fast and secure wireless network at home or office.

You will have to perform a few steps to configure the device, but after that, you are all set to use lightning fast internet without any hitches.

Setup AirPort Extreme Base Station:

  1. Unbox AirPort Extreme and plug it in. There is no switch provided to turn the device on or off.
  2. If you are looking to connect AirPort Extreme to the internet using a Cat5 Ethernet cable. After that, you need to connect AirPort Extreme to your DSL or cable modem. Now, you need to plug that Ethernet cable into the WAN port of AirPort Extreme.
  3. On your computer, you will find AirPort Utility app appearing automatically after the device is detected. If it doesn’t appear automatically, then you need to open it manually.
  4. Click ‘Update Firmware’ if AirPort Express firmware is not updated. Let the files get downloaded and installed. Upon installation, you will see AirPort Utility icon on the computer.
  5. Click ‘Continue’.
  6. Type in a name for the device in ‘AirPort Extreme Name’ field.
  7. Enter a password for AirPort Extreme in the ‘Password’ and ‘Verify Password’ fields.
  8. Click ‘Continue’.
  9. Now, you need to select ‘I want to create a new wireless network’.
  10. Click ‘Continue’.
  11. Enter a name for your wireless network in the ‘Wireless Network’ field.
  12. If you want to secure your wireless network with a password, then you will have to authenticate prior to connecting to the network and accessing the internet. For that, you need to select ‘WPA2 Personal’ followed by entering a password in ‘Wireless Password’ & ‘Verify Password’ field.
  13. Click ‘Continue’.
  14. You don’t have to worry about AirPort Utility getting connected in bridge mode or share an IP address using NAT and DHCP because that will be detected by AirPort Utility automatically. If AirPort Extreme is connected to the router or a device connected to another network, then select ‘Bridge Mode’ or else, you will have to select ‘Share a single IP address using DHCP & NAT’.
  15. Click ‘Continue’.
  16. You will have to select ‘Using DHCP’ from the ‘Configure IPv4’ menu if you don’t have a special internet connection.
  17. Click ‘Continue’.
  18. Click ‘Update’.
  19. Click ‘Continue’ and wait for the device to restart.
  20. Click ‘Quit’.

With that, AirPort Extreme Base Station is set up and you have created a wireless network, which is also connected to the internet.

AirPort Time Capsule Setup

AirPort Time Capsule is twice as good as AirPort Extreme. If you are looking to add Time Capsule to your active wireless network, then you would like to set the device as your primary base station instead of setting it as a network client.

Doing this will get you a much better performance and ensure that all the backups are taken without speed related issues.

To set up your AirPort Time Capsule, you need to use AirPort Utility 5.3 or later, which is included with Time Capsule, Apple Software Updates or Apple Support Downloads.

  1. Setting up of AirPort Time Capsule begins with connecting your Cable/DSL modem to WAN port of AirPort Time Capsule using an Ethernet Cable.
  2. After that, you need to power up Time Capsule, which you can by connecting power cable to the AC outlet.
  3. Open ‘AirPort Utility’, which you can find in the ‘Utilities’ folder, with the ‘Applications’ folder.
  4. The default name of ‘Time Capsule’ will be ‘Time Capsule fea88c’, so you need to select it and click ‘Continue’.
  5. Now, select the option named ‘Create a new wireless network’ followed by clicking ‘Continue’.
  6. You will now have to follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the setup, which is not that difficult. When you’re done with the instructions, AirPort Time Capsule is going to restart itself and apply changes that you have made.

That concludes the setting up of AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. Now, as we are all talking about routers, then it is quite common to experience issues.

One small error in the router could result in major problems. Moreover, if you have installed the router to carry out important work-related tasks, then any issue befalling Apple router can land you in jeopardy.

Let us take a look as to which are the most common problems that arise in Apple AirPort.

  1. Unable to connect AirPort to Wi-Fi connection.
  2. AirPort firmware doesn’t upgrade.
  3. Unable to change AirPort Express default password.
  4. AirPort Express factory reset not working.
  5. Previous data has not been erased after factory resetting of AirPort Express.
  6. Unable to find configured AirPort base stations.
  7. AirPort Express not connecting to AirPort Extreme and vice-versa.
  8. AirPort Express Bridge mode Ethernet not working.
  9. No Light on AirPort Extreme, Express and Time Capsule.
  10. Seeing Green light on AirPort Express.
  11. Hardware failure while accessing the AirPort Time Capsule.
  12. Unable to use Time Machine because Time Capsule has been discontinued.
  13. Can’t connect to the current Time Machine backup disk.
  14. Unable to connect Time Capsule to the router wirelessly.
  15. Can’t set up Time Capsule to extend a wireless network.
  16. AirPort Express not showing up in AirPort Utility and flashing Amber light.
  17. AirPort Utility can’t find AirPort Extreme base station.
  18. AirPort Utility unable to find AirPort wireless device.
  19. Problem while setting up AirPort Extreme setup on iPhone.
  20. Can’t set up AirPort Extreme Bridge mode.
  21. Experiencing repeated dropouts.
  22. Network speed is slow.
  23. AirPort and router not appearing in the list of networks.
  24. Built-In AirPort hardware not recognized.
  25. The system doesn’t automatically connect to the network after sleep.
  26. No internet access despite the router being connected to and from client systems.

Facing one or more of the aforementioned issues? Don’t worry, as you can easily find a solution for these issues at the official Apple Router help and support.

Although Apple has discontinued the sale of Apple AirPort base stations, you can still find the most appropriate support for all the AirPort models at Apple Router Setup and Support Facility.