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AirPort Express: Does Speed Port Apple Still Provide Support For AirPlay 2?


Apple Router Setup has stopped the production of the AirPort line of products, with an official statement coming from the company at the end of April 2018. After seeing the news, many customers were forced to think as to what would happen to their devices; will Apple offer support to AirPort routers that are already being used by the customers, will Apple release new updates for the routers and plenty such questions. Well, their concerns are honest because they are using routers and will continue to use until they stop working.

This step taken by Apple to remove AirPort line of products from its fleet was met with incomprehension by both the press and customers, as the AirPort stations, especially in conjunction with Macs and iOS devices were hard to beat in terms of comfort. In the AirPort line brought the small AirPort express station with a special feature: Using a jack, this could serve as an AirPlay receiver a music system.

In iOS 11.4, Apple Time Capsule Setup introduced AirPlay 2, which stream music from iOS devices and Macs to AirPlay 2-enabled receivers. The special thing about AirPlay 2 is that it also allows multiple rooms to be sounded simultaneously and two HomePod speakers to work together as a stereo system.

The pre-release versions of iOS 11.4 allowed some users to select an AirPort Express station as an AirPlay 2 receiver – even though it is not compatible at all. Although no connection was made, it is hard to imagine that this was a programming error. In the final version of iOS 11.4 such behavior was no longer noticeable.

With the release of iOS 12, the AirPort Express stations appeared again in the device list – but again, no connection can be made. There are two possible explanations: Apple  could actually plan to make an update the set Express Station AirPlay-2-suited. The second possibility is that the first iOS 12-developer beta is not yet based on the final version of iOS 11.4- and behaves similarly to the pre-release versions of iOS 11.4. At least with the first developer pre-release macOS Mojave this is the case – one looks for example in vain the news sync with iCloud, introduced in macOS 10.13.5

AirPort Express still supports AirPlay 2, so by the time it is accessible, customers don’t have to bother about anything. Users just need to make sure that their Apple Routers are on the same network as that of the device from where the information is sent, which could be a MacBook or iPhone. If you are not able to connect your Apple Router with AirPlay, then you should consult Apple Router experts because AirPlay 2 still supports AirPort devices. There must be some issue with your AirPort Express, which is not letting it connect with AirPlay 2.

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