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Airport Utility: The Software That Makes AirPort Routers Work Efficiently!

AirPort is Apple’s name for its range of Wi-Fi routers. There was a time when Apple AirPort routers were extremely popular and being used by the majority of Americans. To control AirPort routers, Apple has created a software by the name of AirPort Utility. If you want to know, what this software is all about and how to use it, then that is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

How to use Apple AirPort Utility?

In the Applications folder, there is a folder called Tools Program. Here you will find various programs that come with the Mac and that make different small chores that do not fit anywhere else in the system but that may be needed from time to time. Some are widely used by quite a few Mac owners, such as Activity Checks and Terminals, while others may never be opened.

One of the programs you hopefully do not need to use so often but which can be very useful is Airport tools. You use it if you have one of Apple’s routers: Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Time Capsule. Most other router manufacturers have a web interface to make settings, but Apple has gone its own way. The program is also available for Windows and once you have downloaded and installed it, it works basically the same.

How to use the program?

Set up a new router

Before you can start using a new Airport router, you must enable and set it up. You do this by opening Airport Tools and clicking Other Wi-Fi Devices. If it says “No new Wi-Fi devices were discovered” just wait a while.

When it appears, click on it to begin the setup process. You can choose between creating a new network, expanding an existing one, or replacing an existing one. The first is the most common and the Airport tool has been selected, but if you already have another router, you can extend its range or replace it.

If you choose to create a new network, you will select a name for the network, a name for the base station and a password. If you have a Time Capsule, you can also choose a password to connect to its hard drive (to browse your Time Machine backups).

Check status

If you have a problem with the internet connection, make sure everything in the Apple Router Setup with Airport tools is right. If you see a green plug on the left of both the Internet and the router in the main window, you have a working internet connection and can troubleshoot elsewhere. However, if you have an orange pick at either, something is crazy.

Click on the router to get basic info such as IP address and status. If there is any under status, you can click on it to see some more info, although Apple’s info unfortunately often leaves some to be desired.

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