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Firmware Update Available With AirPlay 2 Support For The Old Airport Express

Apple has released a firmware update for AirPort Express, which is among the devices discontinued by the company in 2018. The update allows users to get access to features like AirPlay 2 and a lot more.

Firmware Update 7.8 is available for older AirPort Express. Apple Router Setup has integrated support for AirPlay 2 technology and the Casa app. If you are using AirPort Express, then you can get this update and enhance the functionality of your AirPort Express.

Apple no longer produces the Airport Extreme, Airport Express and Apple Time Capsule Setup bases, but has released a firmware update for the AirPort Express that allows support for AirPlay 2 technology to be integrated into the old base (the 2nd generation model produced in 2012) and for the Apple House app (with iOS 12).

This move has come as a surprise for many users as they were not expecting Apple to release an update for AirPort Express especially when it has discontinued the AirPort line of devices. However, now that the update has been released, all those who are using AirPort Express can get the update on their respective devices and use AirPlay feature.

The Airport Express integrates- among other things- an audio output that allows you to connect powered external speakers or an A/V receiver and use AirPlay to wirelessly transfer content from iTunes on your Mac or iOS device.

References to AirPlay 2 support had appeared in April this year in iOS 11.4 beta. The company is still releasing the firmware update of the base station, and it will make it possible for the users to get access to new intriguing function to play multi-room audio with any type of speaker connected to AirPort Express.

At the same time, it will also control and manage them through the app House and Siri voice commands, integrating them perfectly with HomePod, all at 5 years from the original introduction of the popular wireless router of Cupertino.

Recall that AirPlay 2 is a new version of the protocol that allows you to share multimedia content (audio and video) in streaming. Among the peculiarities of AirPlay 2 the multi-speaker support, the highest buffering and reduced latency.

It is possible to spread the streaming source on several speakers at the same time as long as you have speakers that support this protocol (HomePod, Sonos and others). Compatible speakers can be managed with the Casa standard app with iOS.

You can update the AirPort Express firmware by starting the AirPort Utility from Mac or iOS. On the Mac, when an update is available, an Update button appears in the detail pop-up panel. Simply click on the button to install the update.

On iOS devices, when an update is available, the details screen shows a badge with a number next to “Version”. Just tap “version”, then download and install. The AirPort base restarts automatically after the update is installed.

If you come across any issue while updating the firmware of your Time Capsule Setup, then you can get in touch with Apple Router help and support facility to know as to why you are not able to get the firmware update. They will also assist you regarding getting the update on your AirPort Express.

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