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How To Change The Apple AirPort Time Capsule Wi-Fi Network Password?

Changing your Wi-Fi network password can be useful to prevent others from using your Internet without your authorization. In order to change the password, you need to get into the settings menu of your router and then, change the password. While the process of changing passwords in the majority of routers is same, but the only router where things get different is on the AirPort router. Let us find out as to why changing password on AirPort router is a different process.
On AirPort, Apple’s router, the process is a bit different from the other routers on the market. Apple has always kept different in its devices and AirPort Time Capsule is no different. The configuration process on the Apple router is done using a router-specific application, which is available for macOS or iOS.
Check out the below-mentioned steps and learn how to change the password of a Wi-Fi network from the Apple Router Setup. The procedure is the same for both the AirPort Time Capsule and AirPort Express, regardless of generation. The process is not difficult, especially when you perform the steps in the right way.

On Mac

Step 1: Open the “AirPort Utility”. To do this, press “command + space bar” to open the Spotlight search and type “AirPort Utility” (without the quotation marks).
Step 2: Next, click on the name of your AirPort and, in the pop-up that appears, click on “Edit”.
Step 3: In the router settings, go to the “Wireless” tab. Now, type in the new password in the “Wireless Password” and “Verify Password” fields. Then click “Refresh”.
Step 4: Finally, click “Continue” to restart the router and apply the new password.
With that, the password for your Apple AirPort Time Capsule is changed. The same process can be followed for AirPort Express. There are just four steps for you to follow, which I believe won’t be tough for you. Now, let us discuss the steps of changing the password for Time Capsule on iPhone or iPad.

On iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open the AirPort application and tap on the name of your device. Then touch “Base Station”.
Step 2: Type in the new password in the “Password” and “Verify” fields. Finally, touch “OK” and “Update” to restart the router and apply the new password.
Ready! After restarting AirPort, remember to use the new password to connect to Wi-Fi.
That was all about changing the password of Time Capsule on Mac computer, iPhone and iPad. If you come across any issue while performing the aforementioned steps, then you need to take help of experts who know the process of changing the password for AirPort Time Capsule and Express. There is no point in trying things that you know nothing about.


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