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How To Connect 2.4 GHz And 5 GHz Bands On Apple Airport Router?


In this modern era, most of the routers available in the market support both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequency for network access on all devices. We know the function of both the frequencies is different. One is used for larger distances and the other one is used for better signal reception.

On Apple Router Setup, you can configure both the bands with 2 different means:

With single entity for both the frequencies that allows the devices to connect to the one which is having the higher signal strength.

If the names are different, then you can connect to anyone on your own.

Now, we are going to suggest the steps to change the settings of the band through Airport Utility. First of all, we will discuss the steps for the bands with the same names.

First of all, open ‘Airport Utility’ from the ‘Applications’ menu given under ‘Utility’.

Suppose you have named your Airport as ‘Hankou’, you will find a Apple Time Capsule Setup green light glowing on it and the same light on internet name displaying full functionalities.

Go to ‘Router’ and click ‘Edit’.

Open the Wireless tab and select ‘Wireless options’.

You will find the 5GHz band option is unchecked. This means both the bands have the same names or the name given to both the frequencies is the same. When you connect the device to such a network, you will find the device will automatically pick the one with proper signal strength.

Note: There are some devices that support 2.4 GHz only to connect to the network. Some of the examples include Thermostat, Hootoo wireless access points and WeMo switches. In such cases, you can rename the bands with two different names.

Adding of 5 GHz band name

  • Click on the checkbox.
  • Create a name of your choice for 5 GHz band. You can select a short name for this.
  • Save the settings.

When you save these settings, the 2.5 GHz band will remain untouched or all the settings for this band will remain unchecked. Next time, when you connect Time Capsule Setup to the network, the device will automatically connect to the higher band.

Updating a network band:

To update the networking band, there are two options available:

  • Optional: This as the name implies is optional. You can change the name according to your preference.
  • You must click on ‘Save’ option to save the new name of the network band.

Once you set the network name, it will suddenly go down for some time. You don’t need to hustle in such cases.

Apple Airport will restart

When the device restarts, you will find the orange light on the Airport router. It means the network is still not stable. You have to wait until the light changes to green.

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