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How To Increase The Wi-Fi Speed Without Changing The Airport Routers


Apple Airport routers are known for providing the best-in-class speed and range on the existing network. However, it really upsets when it comes to re-configuring the router back to Mac.

If you are using an Apple Router Setup since long, then you might be wanting to replace it with the new one due to the increase in performance gap between the two. The replacement approximately costs $199 if you go for the same company router. If you go for third-party routers, then you can save some bucks.

The best alternative to this is to leave the current routers as it is and add another router to the network. You will find it helpful for ‘Back to Mac’ and the ability to use ‘Airport Utility’. This will save your hard earned money. If you place the Airport base station at one location and new router at another, then it will boost the signal strength.

Some suggestions and tips

There are some tricks and suggestions that will help in letting you know about the chores and conflicting routers. If you connect the devices like routers, then it can create network glitch. The best way to connect the devices is; connect the router to the network and turn off the other wireless devices for a minute. You can easily use ‘AirPort Utility’ and ‘Back to the Mac’ functionality.


Location plays a vital role in strength on the signal. If you have placed a router near to electronic items like wireless phone, TV or Microwave over, then the electromagnetic radiations emitted from such devices can affect the signal strength. You can get rid of this problem by connecting the device to the modem via Ethernet cable or place the device at a location which is away from electronic devices.

If you are planting a device away from the networking devices, then it can affect the signal strength. If there is more than one floor in your house and you have placed the router on the different floor from that of the modem, then the signal strength will be decreased. You can either purchase the high-performance range extenders in such cases or connect the device to the modem through Ethernet cable.


Once the location is successfully selected and the router is properly placed, the next step is to configure the device with proper settings.

Connect your Time Capsule Setup to the computer via Ethernet. Disable Wi-Fi on your device. Go to ‘AirPort utility’ and select the ‘Base station’. Turn off the Wi-Fi by clicking on the ‘Edit’ option under the wireless tab. Click to ‘Update’ the firmware version of the router.

The primary thing to check here is ‘Wi-Fi’ radio. If it is off, then no need to do any further changes. You will find your Airport router start working normally as it works before.


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