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How To Link Any Airport Express Model To Apple Router To Make Airplay2 A Streaming Target?


Connect your Apple AirPort express to any router and make it a perfect Airplay 2 streaming target and start listening to music through speaker you are connected to.

With the latest update in the firmware, the device can be used with AirPlay2.

What you need to do is change the AirPort Express from the Apple Router Setup to client. Rather than making it a device for connecting the Macs and iOS to the internet, you will now use it as a Wi-Fi adapter.

There are many devices that come with built-in Wi-Fi adapters but still, there are some sound systems, Printers and gaming consoles that doesn’t support it. As long as there is Ethernet or USB port, you can use the Airport Express as an adapter by connecting through cable.

There is one thing that needs to be kept in mind i:e, Express router can’t be used as router anymore after this. Instead of connecting the device to the internet line, you must connect it to the sound system.

Apple Router Setup still uses 802.11 standards where modern routers support 802.11ac. Sidelining these facts, you can connect both the devices with each other but at speed less than 15%.

If you are not being able to connect the Airport Express to the 802.11n standard, then it means you have already done it. You can use Spare device in such cases or you can rent out AirPort Express from your friend.

Select a device

If you are still using the wired printers for printing the files or documents, then you don’t need them anymore. You can now take off the Mac from the printer and connect it to the AirPort Express instead. After this, you will be able to print wirelessly from your device.

With print jobs, there is no need to wait or care anymore. You simply give the command and everything will be done in seconds with minor differences.

Start your machine

  • Plug the device into the power socket and wait till it gets rebooted.
  • Once it started running, connect speakers, printers and Express router and open ‘AirPort Utility’.
  • If AirPort Express is already configured, then it will be displayed on the map. Check the version of firmware installed in it. If the dot given next to the version is ‘Yellow’ then it means you are not using the latest version.
  • After installing the latest firmware, the AirPort Express will come to its basics. Click to come to ‘Default’ settings.
  • Go to other Wi-Fi devices. It’s actually a drop-down menu but will appear as a button. All the Time Capsule Setup devices will be displayed on the screen with Ethernet or Wi-fi compatibility.
  • Select your base station and the utility will collect the information about it.
  • When everything is done, you will find an option ‘Other’ on the left bottom of the screen. By clicking on the option, you will get different options like network or device replacement. You will also find ‘Add to existing network’. Select this and click ‘Next’.

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