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How To Make A Backup On A Mac With Time Machine And Move To AirPort Time Capsule?

Making a backup is basic for any professional, as it will allow us to recover our data and files in the face of any type of disaster, including from hardware level failures to cyber-attacks that prevent us from accessing the contents of our equipment.

Taking a backup is a crucial activity, which you must do on periodic basis. However, if you have forgotten to take the backup in the initial stage of work, then you will find the backup file getting larger, which will make it harder to store the files.

To make things easier for you, we have decided to make a simple tutorial where we will see all the steps that we must take to make a backup on Mac computers, using Time Machine.

Then, you can move the files that you have backed up on Apple Time Capsule, but for that, you will have to use it as an external HD, the details of which have been discussed in one of our previous posts.

It is a very simple process so you just have to follow the indications that we are going to give you in the next section, and in case, you come across any issue while following the steps, then you can get in touch with Apple Router setup and support providers.

  1. The first step is to connect to the Mac an external storage unit that you will use as a backup device, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive. A wireless device can also be used if you use AirPort Extreme (model 802.11ac) or AirPort Time Capsule, or even another Mac. It is quite easy to convert AirPort Time Capsule as an external HD, so if you want to know how that is done, then just search at Apple Router setup.
  2. Once connected, two things can happen, that a warning appears asking you if you want to use this unit for backup copies with Time Machine, then, you will have to answer yes, or that this warning does not appear, then you will have to proceed manually.
  3. If you do not ask, you should go to Time Machine preferences in the “Time Machine” menu of the menu bar. You can also go to the Apple menu> System Preferences and click on Time Machine. Once there, you will have to go to “Select backup disk” and choose the external drive to be used from the list of available disks.
  4. Now you just have to check the option “Encrypt backup copies” and select the option “Use disk”. You may have to format the disk, the process is automatic and it does not offer more complication, but it will ask you to erase all the information from the storage unit.

Once finished, the backup process will begin and you will be able to schedule automated periodic backup copies so that they remain updated. You can also back up manually at any time by going to the Time Machine menu and selecting “Back up now.

With that, the process of taking backup using Time Machine is complete. The file can be moved to an AirPort Time Capsule, which works as a router as well as an external HD.

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