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How To Restart An AirPort Device To Fix ‘Connection Lost’ Problem?

With a vast majority of Americans using Apple AirPort routers in one or another way, the announcement of Apple discontinuing the AirPort models doesn’t seem to have much impact on the users. They are still using the product and they don’t have any intention to move onto other routing and networking device until their AirPort routers totally broke off.

The fact that AirPort routers are so much popular is due to their efficiency and simplicity. However, at times, AirPort routers seem to get into issues, forcing people to reconsider their decision to stay with AirPort routers.

However, issues arriving in AirPort routers don’t stay for too long and they are easily resolved by following simple steps. The most common problem that people face is related to connection getting lost. If you are using an AirPort device and the connection is lost regularly or if there is a problem with the device, it is a good idea to restart the device.

Like most other problems, the problem related to the connection can also be solved by restarting the device. There is no rocket science involved in restarting the AirPort router and you can do it without taking anybody’s help. To restart your AirPort router, here is what you have to do:

You can, of course, get the power from the AirPort device by pulling the plug out of the socket, after which you wait a few seconds to plug it in again. However, if that doesn’t solve the issue, then you will have to remove all the cables from behind the Apple AirPort router and then, plug those back again. That is one way restarting your Apple AirPort router. If you think it is a bit too much to ask from you, then there is one more method as well.

Fortunately, you can also restart the AirPort device from your Mac or via the AirPort app on your iOS device. Much easier!

To restart the device via your Mac, go to Applications> Utilities and open the AirPort Utility. Select the AirPort device that you want to restart. You may be asked for a password. Click on the Base station option in the menu bar and choose restart. Confirm your choice by clicking Continue.

To restart the device via your iOS device, you must go to the Airport app and select the AirPort device that you want to restart. Press Change and then Advanced. Select the Reboot Base Station option in the window that appears and confirms your selection by pressing Reboot.

With that, you are now familiar with three methods to restart your Apple Router. Therefore, whichever method you are interested in, you can opt for that and restart your Apple Router to solve the connection lost problem. If the problem doesn’t get solved after restarting the router, then you will have to get in touch with professionals dealing with issues related to the Apple Router Setup


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