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How To Setup Airport Extreme For Single IPad?

To set up the Airport Extreme for Single iPad, you need to follow certain steps which are discussed here as under:

  1. Turn on Airport: Plug the power cable to the AirPort and check the electrical socket. Check whether the orange light is blinking or not.
  2. Enable wireless network and connect to AirPort: From the iPad settings, go to ‘Wi-Fi’ and click to enable it. If you are currently connected to another network, then click to connect to the network next to the given one. Click on ‘Forget’ network.  Check for AirPort Under ‘Setup New Airport Base station’. It will take a minute or two for iPad to locate new AirPort.

Note: If you are already using the AirPort Express, then you will be prompted to join the network. Don’t join the network. Click ‘Next’ to the network and enter the network name. We suggest you enter ‘Name’ in front of device and network name.

Enter network password and click to ‘verify’ it. The password must be at least 8 characters.

Click ‘Next’.

Save your password for future use.

If you are told to connect to the ‘Ethernet cable’ then ignore this message and go to next step.

Ignore a message if any related to ‘Internet connection’.

Click ‘Continue’ anyway.

If you are prompted to send the diagnostic information, click ‘Don’t send and tap next.

Wait until the setup gets completed.

Click ‘Done’.

  1. Configure AirPort:  Start using the AirPort Utility app from the iPad. Wait till the AirPort utility detects your AirPort. It will hardly take a minute for Utility to detect the Airport.

You will find an indicator on the AirPort Icon. Tap on the icon.

Click on Status messages.

Click to ignore the first message.

You will find a message related to updating a router from ‘Airport’ utility. It will take a or two for the router to update the firmware.

Wait till you get the details menu on the screen. You will find the 2 messages remaining on the screen which you have to deal with. Click to read the messages again.

The first message needs to be ignored from the bottom. Now click to ignore the message from the top.

Now, the Airport utility will update the AirPort. After this, you will find one status remaining which you need to update. Click on the ‘Message’ again.

The first and the second message which was ignored earlier will be displayed on the bottom.

Now, you will be taken to the details menu with no status warning or messages on the screen.

Ensure that you have a green light on the Airport. This will take 2-3 minutes. When both the indicators on AirPort and hardware are green, it means the connection is established now.

  1. Connect the AirPort to the internet: If you want to access the payment processor or cloud reporting, then you need to connect the Airport to the Internet by using the modem provided by an Internet service provider.

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