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How To Update Apple AirPort Time Capsule Router?

AirPort Time Capsule, an Apple-produced device, is an advanced Wi-Fi router that works on the IEEE 802.11ac standard and operates on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies simultaneously. By offering a backup of all files easily to an internal hard drive, updating the device allows the user to access new functions.

The router is sold in 2 TB and 3 TB versions and fully integrates with Mac OS X, Apple’s operating system. To use the device at its full potential, you must ensure that the device is up-to-date because if it is not, then you may across some issues accessing to the internet.

Most of the problems related to the internet on Apple AirPort Time Capsule occurs due to the outdated firmware version of the router. Therefore, if you are eager to update your Apple AirPort Time Capsule router, then you need to follow certain steps, which we’d be explaining in the following section.

Check out the steps below and learn how to update the AirPort Time Capsule easily and quickly.

Step 1: Open the “AirPort Utility”. To do this, press “command + spacebar” to open the Spotlight search and type “airport” (without the quotation marks).

Step 2: When entering the AirPort utility, click on the drawing of the equipment, as indicated in the image below.

Step 3: A small window will pop up. If an update is available, the “Refresh” button is enabled. Click on it.

Step 4. In the confirmation window, click “Continue”. The download will start. Then just restart the machine and wait for the update to be applied.

Ready. Your AirPort Time Capsule is now up to date and ready for use. Take advantage of staying inside all the news of the router and still guarantee its security.

There are a lot of benefits of updating Apple AirPort Time Capsule router, which you will only get to know once you update the router. The steps of updating the router have been provided above, and we hope those are anything but difficult.

In case, you are not able to update Apple AirPort Time Capsule router despite trying the aforementioned steps in the same order in which they are given, then there could be some other issue with the device.

Maybe the update file that you’ve downloaded is wrong or corrupt. Maybe the file didn’t install properly or maybe the device has not been restarted properly. Whatever the issue, you will have to get rid of it.

The best way of fixing Apple AirPort Time Capsule router related issues is, getting in touch with Apple Router Setup and support providers. They are fully aware of all the routers, their functionality and issues, so they will offer the best support regarding the problem that you are getting while updating the Apple Time Capsule router.

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