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How To Use Apple Airport Express As A Wireless Extender?

You can setup Airport Express as a standalone device that enables all smart devices to connect to the internet and network device. If you have multiple Airport devices like Express or Extreme, then you can use it to extend the coverage of network at home.

Setup Airport express through Ethernet for extension

If you have Airport Express or Extreme at home and want to use it in conjunction with extender, then connect using the Ethernet cable. It yields a good result.

Now, to start configuring the router as an extender, connect the primary Airport Express to the modem and take another Express router and connect its ‘WAN’ port to the ‘LAN’ port of main router. The WAN port is basically meant for connecting the device to the internet and LAN is for the hosting of local devices. After connecting the devices physically, turn them on.

Launch ‘Airport Utility’ from the computer. This program is generally given under ‘Applications’ followed by the ‘Utilities’ folder. If you have windows PC, then go to ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Programs’ from the list. Tap ‘Airport’.

After locating the program, connect it first to the primary router through Ethernet cable. From the main menu, click on the ‘Connection sharing’ option to select the ‘Public IP address’.

Now, disconnect the first router and link to another router you are using as an extender. In the ‘Connection sharing’ menu, click on ‘Use as a bridge’. When you select this mode, the traffic will divert to the primary Airport device. The security, SSID name, and password of both the routers must be similar. Tap ‘Update’ when finished.

Wireless Airport Express setup for Wi-fi extension

If you don’t want to set up the router in extender mode using the Ethernet cable, then you can use the existing wireless network.

Place the router at the desired location and turn them on by connecting to the power supply. Connect the primary router to the modem.

Go to the ‘Airport Utility’ app from the computer. As discussed in the previous method, the applications will find under different menu on Mac and Windows OS computers.

From the ‘Airport setup tool’, go to ‘Primary router’ and select ‘Base station chooser’. Tap ‘Manual setup’ and enter the authentication key is required. Tap ‘Airport’ followed by ‘Wireless’ and select ‘Create a network’. Click on the box given next to ‘Use this to extend the network’ option.

To secure the network, click on the ‘Security’ option and select ‘WPA2’. Select any password of your choice and it must be not less than eight characters. If prompted to select the radio channel, click ‘Automatic’ and update.

Connect another router and select ‘Base station chooser’. Go to ‘Manual setup’ followed by ‘Airport’. Select ‘Wireless’ and click on the ‘Extend wireless network’ from the wireless mode. Select the same network name you configured earlier and enter the password to confirm. Tap ‘Update’ finally.

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