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How To Use Guest Network On Apple Router In Bridge Mode?


It is now possible to configure the Apple Airport router as a guest network without actually using it as the main router. Apple Router Setup always tries to create the technology that can be easily compatible with the other Apple gear. What sucks is when you try to configure the gear with the other company product though Apple is known for its standard and quality products for decades.

The Airport guest network can be used with almost all the other brand routers as the main router as long as VLAN support is available. Now, you might be wondering to know how it all works. Well, we are going to discuss it in details.

How to enable Apple router guest network?

The first thing you need to do is Enable ‘Guest network’ on ‘Airport router’. Open ‘Airport utility under finder’ and go to ‘Utilities’. From there, go to ‘Airport Utility’ and select the name of the base station. Enter the device password in the pop-up menu. Go to the wireless tab. From the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Enable guest network’. Enter the name you want to give to the network.

Most of the users add ‘Guest’ in front of the normal name and start using it as a guest network. Additionally, you can set the ‘Guest network security’ to none otherwise, you have to provide the password to all the guests.

Enabling VLAN 1003 on the switch

In case the Airport router is not connected to the main router, you need to enable VLAN from the switch in order to pass the tags to the router. If your router is connected, then go to the next step.

If you are using the new VLAN on the switch, then make sure that the ports are set to PVID. This will then work as a part of the normal network. It will start passing the traffic normally. Now, the ID will be created which can now be used somewhere on the network.

To accomplish the task, go to ‘VLAN’ and select the ports that have Airport router plugged in. You can connect the Airport router to any port out of the given ports using Time Capsule Setup.

Configuring the router to initiate the Airport Guest network

Now, the traffic will start passing through the router, but the router doesn’t know what and how to do as no DHCP server is available on the VLAN so connected devices don’t get an IP address.

This is particular for every type of router and not all routers support VLAN.

Create a new VLAN on Apple Time Capsule Setup under ‘My network connections’. Name the network as a Guest wireless network and enter 1003 in the VLAN ID. Click to ‘Apply’. Edit the new network connection and change the IP to ‘Use following IP address’ and pick ‘Subnet’ that suits your need. Enter IP and DNS servers information in the space provided. You can use Google DNS as well for the guest networks.

At last, Open IP address distribution and enable DHCP server and select the range of IPs for it to give out.

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