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Is Your router not connecting to Network? Here’s How To Fix Apple Airport Router Problems Easily?


Are you not being able to connect to the network from Router due to password problem or you have forgotten the password. If yes, then this might be due to the reason that you have not clicked on ‘Remember password’. To reset the password, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Reset the Apple router

To fix the router password problem, you can reset the router by pressing the ‘Reset’ button with the help of a sharp tip or with the help of a paper clip. Press the button and open Airport router on your computer. Over to ‘Airport Utility’ app and click on ‘AirPort Base’. Enter the new password in ‘Manual Setup’ scheme. Select the type of ‘Encryption or security’ you want to use on your Apple router. Click ‘Update’.

Apple AirPort router not replying to your commands

If you are coming across this problem, then go through the below-mentioned suggestions.

Check power supply

Check whether the power supply is properly connected to the Apple Router Setup or not. If not, then change the power switch and connect the router to the different switch.

Switch to default factory settings

When you reset the device to factory settings, all the settings and the passwords saved will be deleted and set to ‘Default’. You need to configure the router again in such condition.

  1. The AirPort will receive the IP address.
  2. The network name will be set to default.
  3. The password for the router will be ‘Public’.

AirPort router flashes Amber

This light tells the signal strength of the internet. If the connection is poor or not proper, then you will get the Amber light. Check the Ethernet cable and connect it firmly at both the ends.

If no light flashes at all, then it means no internet signal on Apple Airport router.

Network printer not responding

If no printer is connecting to the AirPort router, then check the USB cable if It is properly connected or not. The right printer must be selected from the printer window. If the printer is not showing in the list, then it means you have to add the printer manually.

Replace USB port

If the issue with the printer still persists, then you need to change the USB port from port 1 to port 2.

Airport Router sending a poor signal

If the signal strength reflected by Airport router is poor, the following issues are possible:

Check the placement of the router

If you have placed the router and the other networking device like modem or extender at far away distance from each other, then you will get the signal problem. Keep the router away from furniture and other obstructions like a wall, electronic items, and metal surfaces. If you have placed a music system nearer to the Router, then you will get the signal problem. Keep your router away from Electromagnetic rays emitting devices like a Microwave oven, Cordless phone, and TV.

Change Antenna

You can also try solving the problem by changing the Antenna of your Apple Airport router.

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