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Learn How To Connect The Apple Routers To The Network In Client Mode?


As all the devices like USB printers, Gaming consoles, and music players don’t come with inbuilt Wi-Fi system, so we need some circuitry to make it Wi-Fi supported. This is possible with the apple routers like Time capsule, Express or Extreme. These devices will act as a medium of the interface between the network and USB based devices. You can use your Apple Router Setup in two modes, one is Client mode and another one is Bridge mode.

  • Before moving further, connect the USB based device to the Apple router through a cable. If you are going to use it for streaming audio, then connect it with Audio cable in client mode.
  • When any device is connected under client mode, you will find that the Apple router will then be used by the connected device.
  • With the help of an Ethernet port provided on the router, you can it to route the traffic to the port. Yes, it must be kept in mind that 802.11 standard doesn’t support client mode.
  • For all these, you need an Ethernet, USB and audio cable.
  • Check the version of software installed in the device.

Using Airport Utility 6

  • Connect the device to the Apple router with the help of an available
  • Plug the Apple router to the power socket.
  • Open Utility 6 screen interface on Apple router.
  • In case you want to re-use it, factory reset the device, then use it with any other or same device.
  • Go to wireless menu and click on ‘Upper hand left corner’ of the screen.
  • Go to ‘Other’ options.
  • Click to ‘Add an existing network’.
  • Select ‘Wi-Fi name’ from the list of network and then tap ‘Join’.
  • Enter password if you are told to enter it.

Using Airport Utility 5

  • Click to connect both the devices together with appropriate cable.
  • Plug the Apple Time Capsule Setup router to the cable outlet.
  • Wait till router gets booted. After this, go to ‘Wireless menu’ and click on ‘Configure Assistant’ from Utility 5.
  • In case you want to re-use after one mode, reset it and check If the settings have come to default or not.
  • Select Airport router from Utility screen.
  • Enter username and password for Apple router then click on ‘Continue’.
  • Tap to confirm ‘I want to join the network’ option. After pressing on this option, you will find that the Apple router gets successfully connected to an existing
  • If more than one network is available in the list or you have more than one wireless network at home, then select any one out of the given list.
  • Restart your Apple router to configure the settings properly of Time Capsule Setup.
  • When you restart your Apple, the router will automatically connect to the network which you have configured earlier. You don’t need to enter the username and password for the same.

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