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Set Network Limit On Your Apple Router Using Airport Utility App


By using the Apple Airport Utility app, you can set up and control the network functions through Mac device and also set the limits for Network usage on Apple router. The Apple router is used to set up the base station for an existing wireless network. We mainly use Apple devices to extend the coverage of the network and to send the network to the dead areas at the home. You can even use this to stream Audio via Airplay.

A device designed by Apple named ‘Time Capsule Setup’ is a blend of Extreme and External hard drive that takes backup of data automatically on the mac system.

From recent researches on the network, it has come to the fore that some parents want to limit the time of network usage in order to restrict the children from accessing unnecessarily network for watching adult content. With the help of Airport Utility, they can do so easily. If you are also searching the solution for the same problem, then here are some steps that you need to follow to limit the data usage over Apple router.

If you have installed the app in the apple iPhone, then you won’t be able to do so. Yes, if the app is available in the Mac device, then you can easily accomplish this. Go to ‘Utilities’ folder from the Mac home screen and click on ‘Airport Utility’.

You will find the ‘Apple router’ in the list of connected devices. Click to ‘Edit’ the device settings’

Go to the ‘Network’ tab and set the limit or time period for which you want to allow children to access the network. You can set the same for as many numbers of weekdays as you want. You need to specify the day and time limit in the field. Start by clicking on the + sign. After this, don’t forget to mention the name of the device in the description field for which you are going to set the time access control.

From Time access section, select the time and days in order to grant access to the internet to the same device.

Save the settings. If you have more than one device for setting the time access control feature, then repeat the same steps for it.

Enter the Mac address of your device by tapping on ‘Settings’ then on ‘General’. Go to ‘Wi-Fi’ and finally address.

If you want to get Mac address for Mac device, then simply click on ‘About’ option from the Main menu. Go to ‘System report’ and select the present location where you are living. Right click on ‘Network’ to get the complete information.

This is all about the Apple Time Capsule Setup access control function which you can apply on your router through the Airport Utility app. We hope you will get success after implementing the steps and will able to limit the child from accessing unnecessarily internet.

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