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Setting Up A Wi-Fi Guest Network On AirPort.

AirPort, a router made by Apple, has a very interesting function for people who usually receive people at home or are organizing a party, for example. This is the guest network, which lets you share your Internet connection without revealing the password of your Wi-Fi.

With the feature, the user can create a parallel Wi-Fi network, unprotected or with a different password, for temporary use by guests. The tip is also useful for those who usually share files over the network and do not want to run the risk of exposing them.

Apple products always have a few exciting things to offer to the customers, and if you want to talk about Apple AirPort router, then the ability to create ‘guest network’ can be considered one of those features. More than exciting, we would consider this feature to be a lot more useful, especially when someone is adamant for sharing his/her Wi-Fi password.

If you have an AirPort Express or Apple Time Capsule Setup, check out the tips and learn how to set up the Wi-Fi guest network on the Apple router using your computer or iPhone.

On Mac

Step 1: Open the “AirPort Utility”. To do this, press “command + space bar” to open the Spotlight search and type “AirPort Utility” (without the quotation marks).

Step 2: Next, click on the name of your AirPort and, in the pop-up that appears, click on “Edit”.

Step 3:  In the router settings, go to the “Wireless” tab. Now check the “Enable Guest Network” option. Right next, if you want, you can change the network name and set a password. Then click “Refresh”.

Step 4: Finally, click “Continue” to restart the router and activate the Wi-Fi network for guests.

That was the procedure of creating a guest network on Mac computer. The same can be done on iPhone as well, but the steps are slightly different, but easy to follow. If you want to know what those steps are, then read on.

On the iPhone

Step 1: Open the AirPort application and tap on the name of your device. Then tap “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then tap “Guest Network” and enable the same name option. Just below, if you want, you can change the network name and set a password. Then tap “OK”.

Step 3: Returning to the previous screen, tap “OK” again and then tap “Update” to restart the router and enable the Wi-Fi network for guests.

Ready! After restarting the router, in addition to your Wi-Fi, you will have another network that can be shared with your friends and family. You don’t have to portray that doubtful face of yours when someone asks for your Wi-Fi password because you can share the password of a network that they can use without any issue.

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