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What Happens If AirPort Extreme Turns Into A Siri Speaker?

With Apple discontinuing AirPort Wi-Fi routers, users were left in shambles, as they had no clue whether the company would offer support for those routers or do they have to get routers from another company.

Many experts have come up with their own assumptions regarding Apple’s decision to discontinue AirPort Wi-Fi routers, i.e., Apple wants to continue on other projects because AirPort Wi-Fi routers are no longer yielding them any profits whatsoever.

Whatever the reason is, the discontinuation of AirPort Wi-Fi Routers has not bode well with Apple customers. However, customers can’t do much about it except using the device until Apple is offering support for the same.

However, there is one interesting thing about AirPort Extreme, i.e., its ability to be used as a Siri speaker. If that happens, then users will be able to play back music over the network via an improved version of AirPlay protocol. It doesn’t end there, as many believe that the speaker would support syncing playback to multiple speakers that are installed in the house.

Along with that, it is going to have Apple Music built-in, which will allow you to playback any song from the large repertoire of songs in a matter of seconds.

However, there is nothing exciting about an audio playback device with a voice-activated module in it. So, let us take it ahead a bit.

Home is where your hub is

If you have an always-on device installed in your living room, and if you can control your home devices via Siri as well, then you have the option of putting that device to work with a few more home-related features. Therefore, you can create a hub for dealing with all of your smart home gadgets.

If you are using Apple TV or an iPad that is equipped with iOS 10, then you can do all that without any issue, and Apple has no reason to remove that capability. However, the convenience that is provided by a home automation device can’t be compared with anything else, as it gives an option to those who aren’t roaming in the market for Apple TV or iPad.

Although the functionality of Time Capsule Setup has risen to some extent, it is still very far away from being an original Siri speaker.

Network news

Apple has the chance to edge past its competitors. Just imagine, what if the Siri Speaker wasn’t just another device on the network, but incorporated in the hardware that is required to run the network as well. Instead of having a Wi-Fi router along with a speaker, you could combine them into a unit, and then the Apple Time Capsule Setup line wouldn’t have perished in vain.

While we are aware of the fact that a router is one of the most reliable devices with people don’t have to think much about setting it up over and over again. So, having an AirPort router with the capability of Siri would have provided users with better functionality. The availability of a direct hardwired connection is also going to ensure that the device has the best network connection available.

With the availability of a USB port, Siri speaker got the ability to use the traditional functions of the AirPort line, letting users get on-site network backup.

There are many benefits of putting all the features in a single device, as it will turn into a single hub of your house internet connection along with smart home management, which can be controlled through a voice-based interface.

But, the question is, will Apple Router Setup do such a thing? We doubt that, but it will be great if it does that because it will be great for the company as well as the customers.

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