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What is The Difference Between An Apple Router Or AirPort And An Ordinary Router?

Apple’s Airport Series products still cause many consumers to wonder. After all, what do they serve? Are they the same as ordinary routers? Do they only work with the company’s product line? Apple Router Setup answers all of these questions today.

First, it’s important to keep in mind what Airport is: a family of wireless Internet connection products with 802.11g and 802.11n protocols. The most current model of the Airport are the Airport Express router, which is sold between $100 and $ 150, and the Airport Extreme that is priced at around $200.

High price for a router, but this is explained precisely by the differentials it has in relation to its competitors. To access the Internet, it is very similar to ordinary routers.

Airport Express and Airport Extreme operate on two frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, facilitating compatibility with multiple devices. Plus, it has AirPlay, for direct music playback on the speakers, wireless printing and visitor connection mode.

Wireless Music and Printing

The first feature works like this: you plug the speakers, using some audio cable (sold separately) in Airport Express, and from there you can play the desired music on a device connected to the wireless network and listen to it in the boxes.

It is very similar to the printing function, which happens more or less this way, but with the differential of the connection to be via USB. Simply plug the printer with a USB cable into the Airport and all devices on the network will be able to print to it without using wires.

Connection for 50 users

Already the visitor connection system is a way for Apple to allow someone to create a network, in one company for example, and “share” in two. One to whom you are, in fact, a user, and another to whom you are only accessing it temporarily.

Up to 50 people can connect, and it is possible to create two different passwords or leave this network of visitors even with the Wi-Fi open. This network only gives access to the Internet without the possibility of any interaction with other connected devices.

Compatible with multiple devices

Whoever thinks that Airport is targeted only to Apple users is foolhardy. Those who are using Android and Windows devices can also connect to the internet using AirPort, so that rumor got started weak, which is why it didn’t go much far away as well. Any Wi-Fi device will be AirPort Express compliant with the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n standards.

In addition, AirPort Express has an Ethernet network port for quick and reliable wired connectivity to a desktop, network drive, DVR, or another device that does not have a wireless network. Thus, it is a very “democratic” router.

The only way to get to know about Apple AirPort is when you actually start using it. The only time you can experience any issue with this device is at the time of setting it up, so for that, you can take help of Apple Router Setup experts, who will guide you regarding the process in a detailed way.

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