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What Is The Process To Share A Printer Via AirPort Extreme Or Time Capsule?

It is possible to use AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule to print from your printer wirelessly. To know how it is done, you can follow the steps given in the post or you can take help of Apple Router help and support providers.

There is no doubt upon the fact that Apple’s Apple Time Capsule Setup and AirPort Extreme are excellent Wi-Fi Base Stations. These are not just routers, but these devices can be attached to a printer for a wireless printer.

If you have any printer with a USB or Ethernet connection, then it can be made available on a wireless network. The entire process is quite easy and can be done by the users without taking the help of professionals. If you want to know how it is done, then read on.

Connect your Printer

You will have to begin with updating OS X before setting up a wireless printer, reason being, OS X incorporates software for each printer is included in new updates. For that, you will have to select ‘Apple Menu’ followed by ‘App Store’ and finally, click ‘Updates’. Once you reach this step, you will have to select ‘Update All’ to make sure that all your software is up-to-date.

You will have to ensure that the printer has been correctly set up, and you are able to print directly from your Mac prior to getting it to print remotely. You can connect the printer directly to the USB connection on your Mac and try to print anything in order to check whether the printer is working or not.

In case, you are using a new Apple Router Setup, then it is best to connect the printer to the device before you run through the setup process, which will be performed using AirPort Utility. You can find AirPort Utility by going to Applications followed by Utilities.

You can go through below-mentioned steps to run your printer using AirPort Time Capsule:

  1. In case your printer is equipped with an Ethernet port, so what you need to do is, connect an Ethernet cable to connect it to spare Ethernet port on your AirPort. In case, the printer is not having an Ethernet port, then you should connect it using USB.
  2. Open a document followed by choosing ‘File’ and then, ‘Print’.
  3. You need to choose ‘Add Printer’ from the drop-down menu of the printer.
  4. You need to choose your printer from the list and then, you will have to check that ‘Use’ is set to ‘AirPrint’, and if it is, then click ‘Add’.
  5. Finally, choose ‘File’ and then, ‘Print’. After that, you need to click ‘Print’ in order to print your document.

With that, you will be able to use your AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule to print wirelessly from your printer. IN case, you are not able to connect your AirPort device with the printer, then you should consult Apple Router experts to find out the reason as to why you were not able to connect the AirPort device to the printer along with the right steps to connect both devices.


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