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WPA3 Will Improve The Wireless Network Security Of Your Airport Extreme


The wireless Alliance has now started certifying the networking devices for WPA3 for improved security measures. WPA3 is a new protocol that is replaced by WPA2. In the new WPA3 protocol, you will find enhanced authentication with encrypted measure to secure both consumer and enterprise networks from unauthorized access or spammers. You can say it is advanced version of security protocol that is designed to protect your network from third-party users.

Though the changes done in WPA3 are not directly visible to the users and they don’t know how the devices connect to each other. Moreover, it will also not allow attackers to attack the network directly because they don’t know how the devices are connected to each other. Even if you have set the weak password for your Wireless networks, then WPA3 will automatically increases the difficulty.

Basically there are two levels of WPA3 protection. These are WPA-3 personal and WPA3- Enterprise. Both are offering the different level of protection of Apple Time Capsule Setup .

WPA3- personal makes use of Simultaneous Authentication of Equals, a protocol that is secured with a key and forces the devices to communicate with hotspot or another device before attempting to use network password.

This has closed one security risk on earlier WPA versions where hackers could attack dictionary based attacks on collected data packets.

In the enterprise version, you will find 192 bit encryption for transmission of data. This makes difficult for attackers to decrypt data packets within a short span of time.

The initialization of certification for WPA3 doesn’t mean that it is going to available for the users from the next week, nor will the current networking devices get obsolete. You can continue using your WPA2 supported Airport Extreme but you will find the new encryption in the upcoming products soon. The Wi-Fi industry is not making it mandatory to use WPA3 in your devices as of now but the trend will automatically get changed as more and more people started adopting it.

In order to get to WPA3, you need WPA2. It is basic requirement for the new protocol. Apple Router Setup is also going to add the support for the new encryption in its upcoming line of products.

WPA3 takes edge in offering the industry’s strongest protection in the continuous changing security landscape said by ‘President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, Edgar Figueroa. The WPA3 promises to maintain the image and brand promise of Wi-Fi protected Access.

The WPA3 has come to the fore after researching out major exposure in WPA2, known as Key re-installation attack which is affecting the Time Capsule Setup and other network devices. The exposure has prompted the alliance to adopt new enhancements to WPA2.

In the meantime, the Wi-Fi accord has introduced easy connect program to reduce the complexity of on-board devices with limited or no display at all. Considering IoT and other smart devices, this program will facilitate the devices to connect to network by using smartphone, QR code and another device.

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